Developing your applications and games

The Quamove team offers a complete suite of personalized services for mobile technology development, with an approach aimed at providing the best possible result in a limited time. Our services include analysis of the application to be developed, advice on good practices and applicable technology, the design of each component of the app, and development (whether on iOS, Android and / or Windows Phone), testing and distribution of the application in the most used download sites.

We research everything new in mobile technologies and constantly add new and better modules to our repertoire of resources, to bring our clients the latest and most cost-effective solutions.

We have the knowledge, experience and a team of top-level interdisciplinary professionals who can help you in the process of transforming an idea into a mobile application.

We work with the best tools for the development of your application: Phonegap, Xamarin, Android Studio.

We know the technology, the market, the trends and, most importantly, we have a passion for what we do, which makes us stand out remarkably.

  • Concept: You have an idea (¬°eureka!)
  • Interaction:In the first instance, we signed a confidentiality agreement, where we made it clear that the idea is yours. Based on that basis, he tells us his idea and we work side by side to obtain a sketch and thus be able to establish the development costs.
  • Design: If you like our proposal, immediately start working until you get the final design of the application.
  • Code.: With the approved design, we started the coding tasks. Your application is taking shape in our software factory! (have patience)...
  • Tests: This task is performed by our experts in the first instance, and by the designated personnel on your part.
  • APP complete!: The application is ready! Now you have to host the same in the download sites and provide corrective and evolutionary post-sales support, for the next version

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