Catalog of Developed Apps

These are some of the applications that we have developed. Some consist of internal projects of our company, others were at the request of customers, so we will be very discreet with the details of the same (in some cases are public domain applications). The important thing is that we appreciate our experience in all the technologies in which we have ventured.

Frequent questions

A profile is a set of actions that allows you to configure a series of phone features to select it as "active".

An action is a set of characteristics, such as the volume of notifications or the status of the Wi-Fi connection. A set of actions in a certain state are grouped in a profile.

How many Profiles can I create?

After creating a new profile, you can press and hold on it to edit and add actions. You can use the "Actions" button to check the actions you want to include in the profile.

You can use the widget or the main application. Holding down a profile in the widget allows you to edit the profile.

Adventure Boy

This game of the 2D arcade type (with more than 10,000 downloads) is a remake of the classic Wonder Boy, developed for advertising purposes. It consists of escaping from a fantastic island with several levels of difficulty, rewards, super powers and skins that can be won or bought in the market of the store, ranking of scores, interaction with Facebook, music and special effects.

Outstanding technical aspects:

  • Diseño avanzado de personajes, backgrounds, interacción, sonidos, etc., propios del desarrollo de videojuegos
  • Logging into the Google Play profile                 
  • Online purchases in the Google Market Store                 
  • Interaction with Facebook for publication of achievements                 
  • Artificial intelligence to give life to characters within the game                 
  • Synchronization between different devices of the same user